Avery&Avery was founded to evaluate facilities, devices, and the operational safeguards developed by event producers and attraction providers. Our objective was simple: to identify and address operational and safety concerns associated with events and attractions in an effort to maximize the enjoyment of guests. Avery&Avery has evolved over the last 20 years. Our objectives have remained the same; however, our approach has shifted. Today, Avery&Avery offer attorneys and insurance provider’s insight and understanding into the often complex and unique inner workings of the events and attractions industries.  

The partners, Bill and Brian Avery, offer over 55 years of combined safety experience in the events and attractions industries. They have spent countless hours investigating incidents/accidents throughout the United States and abroad and have reviewed hundreds of policies and procedures ranging from the smallest outfit to some of the world’s largest tourism, events and attractions organizations.  

Bill and Brian Avery took varying paths to arrive at a similar destination. They have coupled a unique and effective combination of mature experience with innovative and fresh ideas to provide clients with an array of choices and knowhow. Through experience, education, practice, and research Bill and Brian Avery have spent decades investigating service companies and that has prepared them to effectively serve you. Put their experience to work for you today…


Please review our additional service offerings. Avery&Avery has recently expanded its service offerings to more adequately address the needs of event providers and attractions operators. We are continuously seeking ways to improve our efforts to maximize the enjoyment of guests through safety initiatives aimed at reducing or eliminating hazards.