An inflatable device can be many things. To be clear, we are discussing inflatable amusement devices---the kind that you can bounce on, climb over, slide down, crawl through and more.

They are typically referred to as inflatable bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. They can be dry, wet or a combination of the two. Inflatable devices used for amusement purposes generally are classified under the broad heading of amusement rides and devices. Standards exist that address the operation, design and inspection of inflatable amusement devices.

Over the last 10 years or so the inflatable industry has experienced a growth explosion. The popularity of these devices can be attributed to the several things. They are portable, mechanically simplistic and require very limited investment. They are the exact opposite of a typical amusement ride or device, allowing an inexperienced entrepreneur an opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of operating an amusement device.

Inflatable devices are a prime example of interactive play equipment. These devices are highly participative in nature due to the requirements of the patron to interact with the environment to initiate a desired outcome. Inflatable devices require some degree of physical ability and balance to reasonably negotiate the structure. There are inherent risks associated with the use of inflatable devices and the patrons using these devices should be aware of those risks. Intentional and inadvertent physical contact, contorted limbs under one’s own weight, and falling from devices onto dense surfaces are some of the more common causes of injury associated with the use of these devices. Allow us to assist you with your inflatable bounce house/slide/game matter today. We will help you explore the many possibilities concerning inflatable amusement devices.

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