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BS, MS, PhD student, Grad. Cert., OSHA 30hr, NAARSO Level 1, AIMS Level 2 & more...

Brian Avery is a safety consultant, business owner and college instructor. Brian has been working within the events and attractions industries for over an eighteen year period. For more than a decade, Brian has concentrated his efforts by providing safety and risk management services to those industries. He has obtained his experience from organizations such as SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, Universal Orlando, Cedar Point, GES Exposition Services, and numerous other locations as a consultant. Brian has assisted with the planning, installation and operation of conventions and expositions, fairs and festivals, shows, themed merchandise facilities, food and beverage experiences and various other special events.

His familiarity of the industry, combined with a B.S. in Health, Leisure, and Sports, a Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Industrial Engineering; with a concentration in Safety and Ergonomics, a M.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management and his latest endeavor as a PhD student studying the safety and risk management practices of the tourism, events and attractions industries, has positioned him as an industry authority.

Brian is a committee member of ASTM International F-24 on Amusement Rides and Devices. He has participated in the development of standards for inflatable devices and go-karts and is currently working on standards for the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of participatory amusement rides and devices. Brian is also a member of the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials and a recognized certified safety inspector. He regularly attends safety conferences and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions tradeshow. 

Additionally, Brian has been instrumental in the writing and editing of four safety manuals for the events and attractions industries. He wrote, alongside his father, William Avery, Inflating Safety Deflating Risk: a manual designed to address the safety considerations of inflatable amusement devices. He has edited three other books addressing disaster preparedness and response, general safety guidelines, and warning signs for amusement rides and devices. Brian recently published an article in the Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes journal titled: Insight into amusement park ride and device safety in the United States. He also contributed a chapter to a textbook for Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism.

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