Events & Venues

The events industry is like no other. Whether it is a sporting event, concert, tradeshow, festival, award show, political convention or party they present a unique set of challenges.

Events, regardless of size or situation, are exposed to risks involving safety, security, legal, financial, and environmental considerations. In order for an event to be successful, it must manage all of its obligations appropriately.

Events can range in size from a small family gathering to a multi-national sporting event, with each requiring qualified and competent planners, venue operators and vendors to identify and address pressing operational safety issues. Planners and venue operators must coordinate the delivery, set-up, use and tear-down of equipment, structures, goods and materials; simultaneously coordinating staff and vendors in an effort to ensure a satisfied client. In order to achieve event success it requires early and thorough planning and continuous monitoring of the operation.

Planning for a safe event is frequently left to chance within the events industry. Most events planners, operators and vendors are unaware or choose to ignore many of the requirements necessary to comply with in order to achieve a safe event. The volume of regulations, standards, codes, ordinances, common practices, and permits that apply to many events are vast and change from location to location. All rental companies (tents, stages, golf-carts, etc.), amusement ride/device operators, food and beverage vendors, and more must comply with specific regulations or manufacturer guidelines. Essentially, everybody working at an event should be following a set of rules.

Risk management planning cannot be left to chance. There are numerous examples of accidents/incidents occurring within the events industry on a daily basis. Some recent examples include: a fatal stage collapse in Edmonton, 40 people injured in a hayride accident in Washington, a 12-year old run over by a parade float, and a bouncy house blowing over injuring 6. The number of incidents are staggering and each of these listed were preventable. Contact us today to discuss your matter. We will help you explore the many possibilities concerning events industry safety.

Bill and Brian Avery are available to assist in event and venue operational safety matters.

Please contact Bill Avery directly at: (321)972-8959 or email @ to request his CV or to discuss your matter today. 

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Avery&Avery specialize in assessing, investigating, consulting and providing expert witness services on events and attractions incident/accident cases. Let us help you navigate your matter by providing one or more of the following services:

  • Case review and merit assessment
  • On-site accident investigation
  • Orientation with industry standards
  • Potential opposing theories and strategies
  • Review of operational procedures & policies
  • Equipment failure & testing
  • Safety auditing of facilities & attractions
  • Photo/video documentation
  • Preparing expert affidavits & reports
  • Expert witness testimony