Go-Karts & Tracks

Concession go-karts are a unique class of amusement rides.

One of the distinguishing factors separating a go-kart from a typical amusement ride is that the patron can participate and impact the outcome of the ride. By definition---a concession go-kart is an amusement ride or device, which meets all of the following specifications: the device is a single vehicle, unattached to other vehicles or a common frame system, which is powered without connection to a common energy source, it is driver controlled with respect to acceleration, speed, braking, and steering, operates within the containment system of a defined track, simulates competitive motor sports, and is used by members of the general public for a fee. A concession go-kart has a maximum capacity of two persons and no cargo capacity.

Many go-kart tracks allow a mixed age group of drivers on the track at the same time---some with driver’s licenses and others without. As a result, you will find a wide range of driving behaviors on a go-kart track---very similar to driving on any public roadway. Some drivers will be aggressive and others passive. Go-Kart driver’s tailgate, cut others off, some will even bump and hit other go-karts---resembling actions seen in bumper car use. It is essential that go-kart track operator pay close attention to the behaviors of driver’s in order to maintain a safe operation. Experience has taught us that unchecked aggressive driving behavior by a patron is a contributing factor in many accidents.

Accidents can occur from any combination of factors but the more common injuries associated with the go-karting industry are related to on track kart bumping, pit collisions, spin outs (where go-karts impact each other), and track rail impacts. Contact us today to discuss your matter. We will help you explore the many possibilities concerning concession go-karting.

Bill Avery is available to assist in go-kart operational safety matters. Please contact him directly at: (321)972-8959 or email @ bill@averyandavery.com to request his CV or to discuss your matter today. 


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