Rod Gutierrez, Darden/BCD Travel "On behalf of the Greater Orlando Area Meeting Professionals International (GOAMPI) Board of Directors and the Education Committee, I want to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication towards making our risk management program a success."

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Date: August 27, 2011
Org.: Global Congress on Legal, Safety & Security Solutions in  Travel
Location: Houston, TX
Topic: Securing Critical Mass Events

Date: Continuous
Org.: Event Safety & Security Services
Location: Recorded webinar
Topic: Event Safety & Security



Addressing the unique aspects of events & attractions safety & risk management.

“Expect the Unexpected: Risk Management for Meeting and Hospitality Professionals” is the hallmark of Brian Avery’s informative and eye-opening presentations. This program is designed to address the unique aspects of events and attractions safety and risk management. Events, regardless of size or situation, are exposed to risks involving safety, security, legal, financial, and environmental considerations. Whether it is a sporting event, concert, tradeshow, festival, carnival, award show, political convention or party the associated risks need to be recognized and addressed. Meeting and hospitality professional alike realize the importance of tackling the numerous challenges of delivering a successful event. However, far too often, minimal attention is given to life-altering safety and risk considerations. Don’t be a statistic… manage “ALL” of your obligations appropriately---after all---you only have one opportunity to succeed.

Topics include: Available for:
• Emergency Preparedness  • Workshops & Training Sessions
• Alcohol Awareness & Practices Tabletop & Role-Playing Exercises
Liability and the Event Producer Panel Discussions
Codes & Compliance • Break-out Sessions

Brian’s presentations are geared towards all levels of event and hospitality industry professionals. Click here to learn more about Brian Avery.

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