We have provided a glimpse of some of the testimonials and verdicts we have received and assisted with over the years.

"My criterion in accepting amusement park cases is the following: If Bill likes it, I like it."
M. Rhames, Esq. (CA)

"You definitely helped us end up with a better settlement then we would have obtained otherwise."
T. Lane, Esq (VA)

"Your services were helpful in getting this matter settled and I appreciate your professionalism. If I ever need an expert in the amusement industry again I will be sure to call on you." S. Downey, Esq. (KY)

"When I get my next amusement ride/device case, you will be the first call."
C. White, Esq. (USDOJ, FL)

"I am pleased to announce that the trial in this matter ended with a defense verdict. I believe that the verdict was due in large part to your testimony." T. Perkins, Esq. (FL)

"Your expert assistance in this matter went a long way to bringing the claim to a successful conclusion, and your professional efforts are sincerely appreciated." C. Bartel, Esq. (PA)

"As you know, I am a huge fan of yours." A. Casper, Esq. (D.C.)

"It’s been great working with you and you did a great job. Look forward to seeing you in the future." A. Pujol, Esq. (LA)

"I can honestly say that we presented the best case we could. I know Carol appreciates your efforts and testimony." D. Lee, Esq. (IL)

"I felt your testimony as an expert witness was very beneficial to the defense." S. Rappenecker, Esq. (FL)


Avery&Avery have assisted hundreds of clients with successful verdicts. We have helped obtain numerous zero verdicts on behalf of defendants and have assisted in securing many multimillion dollar awards on behalf of plaintiffs. We don’t take every case, but we would be happy to discuss your legal matter in an effort to achieve success utilizing our experience and expertise.

$4 Million - Largest verdict in the history of Little Valley, New York; amusement park roller coaster injury

$56.8 Million - 10th Largest verdict in the United Sates in 2003; amusement Park injury; New York

Over $1-Million awarded - One of the largest soft tissue injury verdicts in the history of the State of Florida; water park stair fall

$4.7 Million - Verdict in binding arbitration; amusement park ride injury; California

$7.5 Million - Amusement ride injury; Massachusetts

$2 Million - Go-kart injury; Pennsylvania