Water Slides & Devices

Today’s water parks offer an array of choices that include water slides, a variety of tube rides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and rapids style elements.

Recent water slides/rides have even mimicked attributes of the hard rides seen in amusement parks. A water park ride is generally gravity propelled using water as a carrier and/or lubricant---think of a roller coaster when you think of a water slide except the slide path is the track and you become the train.

Water rides are unique in the sense that they do not provide restraints, over-the-shoulder harnesses or lap safety belts to help you stay put---compared to other amusement rides and devices. As a result, water park slides/rides offer patrons a unique experience each and every time. Many accidents result from the rider’s inability to maintain postural control during the course of the ride---causing the rider to interact with the slide/ride in an unintended manner. Body types can lead to accidents---high side wall oscillations, elevated speeds, inner tube separation, and contact with other riders. Operational factors can influence the rider’s experience as well, resulting from: improper splash pool depth, inadequate pool run out length, collisions resulting from poor spacing, and more.

Most people who encounter water slides/rides will have a safe and fun experience but there will be a percentage of the riding population that will sustain an injury resulting from one of the above mentioned. Allow us to assist you with your water park matter today. We will help you explore the many possibilities concerning water park slides/rides.

Bill Avery is available to assist in water park & slide operational safety matters. Please contact him directly at: (321)972-8959 or email @ bill@averyandavery.com to request his CV or to discuss your matter today.



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