Avery&Avery.com is a marketing arrangement between Bill Avery and Brian Avery. Bill and Brian maintain separate companies for the services they provide.

Our Services

Bill and Brian Avery are operational safety professionals for amusement rides, devices, attractions, events, and venues.

Providing the following services:

  1. Expert Witness

    Assisting with everything from initial discovery through trial testimony.

    Assisting plaintiff and defense attorneys with developing a case based on merit, evidence and industry standards and practices.

    Both Bill and Brian Avery are available to provide expert witness services.

  2. Safety Inspections

    Applying standards, practices, and local requirements for permitting, temporary structures, fire safety, crowd management, attraction safety and more.

    Inspecting every detail and analyzing the environment considering staff, vendors, patrons, products, equipment, and experiences to identify hazards and mitigate them.

  3. Policy Development & Compliance

    Developing policies and procedures based on regulations, standards and common industry practices.

    Providing essential roadmaps to assure compliance with municipal codes and permitting.

    From fully-developed policies and procedures to inspection check-sheets and training, we have got you covered.

  4. Public Speaking

    Brian Avery is available for public speaking. Brian specializes in communicating the importance of life safety and corporate responsibility.

    Brian’s background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education.

    Learn more about Brian and his public speaking.

    Brian D. Avery

Example Areas of Expertise

Operational safety professionals in amusement rides and devices and attractions. Including, but not limited to: Inflatables, climbing walls, go-karts, aerial adventure courses, ferris wheels, trampoline centers, hay rides, water slides, roller coasters, spinning and flat rides, funhouses and more.

Services For…

Operational safety inspections, reviews and opinions for amusement parks, water parks, carnival operators, fairs, festivals, parades, attractions, family entertainment centers, sporting events, recreational locations, hotels and resorts, convention centers and trade shows.

Also providing expert witness services for plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Bill and Brian maintain separate companies for the services they provide. For a full listing of services, please visit their respective company websites.

  1. 1
    Bill Avery

    Amusement ride and device operational safety expert witness, public speaker/trainer, and consultant.

    Avery Safety Consulting, Inc.

  2. 2
    Brian Avery

    Events, tourism, and attractions operational safety expert witness, speaker/trainer, and consultant.

    Event Safety & Security Services, LLC.

The Experts

Bill & Brian Avery

Bill Avery
Avery Safety Consulting, Inc.
Amusement ride and device operational safety expert witness, public speaker/trainer, and consultant.
Brian Avery
Event Safety & Security Services, LLC.
Events, tourism and attractions operational safety expert witness, speaker/trainer and consultant.

Bill & Brian Avery

Bill and Brian Avery have over 70 combined years of industry experience and 20 years of post-secondary schooling. Together, Bill and Brian have a strong combination of experience and education. Let them help with navigating the know and foreseeable operational safety hazards associated with the events, tourism, and attractions industries.

600Combined Legal Matters
70Combined years of experience
35Combined expert experience
2000Instructional hours taught